And Now For Something Completely Macabre

July 14, 2009 at 11:52 pm (Entertainment, General, Music) (, , , , , , )

In my last post, I discussed a classic case of a new song borrowing from an old song – My Sweet Lord and He’s So Fine. This time, we’re looking at a different kind of “classic”: Bloodletting by Concrete Blonde vs. Wednesday 13’s Elect Death For President.

Content warning! These two songs are loud, vile, rude, lewd, and will piss off your parents. Play them at your own risk, or just skip this entry if you are not up for bouncing around in a virtual mosh pit. Without further ado, the “original”, from 1990 – Bloodletting:

Mmmm. Vampires. Very timely for all you Twilight fans out there. Now, with a nod to Rod Serling, for your consideration: one Wednesday 13

(Sorry. Couldn’t find a video on YouTube. Or anywhere! In order to hear this one, you’ll have to click the link above, opening a new window or tab, which takes you to, where you can play this uplifting little ditty. Don’t be afraid. It won’t hurt. Much.)

devilhorns1Oh, yeah. Didn’t that feel good? Did you bang your head and throw rock / devil horns with one or both hands? Good for you. You’re in the spirit of things now.

OK, what do you think? Perhaps Mr. 13 was listening to an old Concrete Blonde CD, and twisted it round a bit? Add another chord at the end of that 3-chord progression, and I think you’re there. In fact, you’ll hear it alternating in the bass line of Bloodletting.

Let’s hear your thoughts or suggestions. Bring it. And head back here in a few days for more. I’ve got several songs left, and then we’ll pick up on some other topics of great social and political import once again, after I’ve got this thing out of my system.

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