Got to know when to fold (or roll)

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Holy Zarquon’s Singing Fish. How the time has flown. More than a month since I posted an entry. Please forgive me. I’ll try and make this interesting, especially for the geek contingent.

My aunt & uncle sent me this video of a new concept prototype for a roll-up computer.  Yep.  It rolls up, like a towel, or a tatami mat.  Dig the coolness…

Too slick, huh?  And when it finally hits the market, it’ll probably be no more expensive than an Apple MacBook.  The most expensive bit is the flexible display technology, and that’s going to rapidly come down in price once they get the manufacturing online.  If I recall correctly from the video, it’s an organic LED display, which means the whole display can be built on plastic film rather than glass like current LCD & LED displays.

The rest of the design- all pretty standard stuff for laptops and cell phones these days.  Stunning, isn’t it?  Especially for those of us who grew up with 3 channels of TV to watch, in black & white, on a set that had to “warm up” for several seconds…

And perhaps the design that is shown in this video study may not reach market, but I’ll be looking for some other kinds of revolutions in portable computing.  First, there are now hand-held video projectors:

I really want one of those.  That is just cooler than a penguin’s instep.  And of course, flexible keyboards have been available for several years.  Here’s a demo.

But wait, there’s more, as the infomercial once said.  How about some new ideas for input devices that don’t even use keyboards!  With this new prototype, you won’t even need the bendy, floppy keyboard any more:

In another 30 years, who knows?  Direct brain interface?  Speech to text already exists, and in fact, your computer may already have it.  Spooky, huh?

Maybe I should think about using speech to text.  I have a lot of typing to do, every day.  I’m getting caught up on work, finally.  Both the computer and I have been sick lately.  I’ll try to get another blog entry posted very soon.

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