A Mongoloid Love Story

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Yay howdy, surfers and surferettes! Time for another entry in the “this song sounds like that song” series here on Dlock’s Pop Culture Reflux.

I’m sorry it’s been so long since the last post. My best friend has been terribly ill, and I’ve been doing a lot of driving to and from doctors, helping out… all that stuff that happens when someone you care about is sick.

And it’s been pretty busy at work, too. Our free press release site has been “discovered”, and we’re getting a lot of traffic & submissions. We’ve also migrated our brainstorming software web site over to a new host and a new shopping cart. Lots of work to get that done. Anyhow, on with the show…

I’m listening just now, as I type this, to Love Story by Layo & Bushwacka! (Not my exclamation point.) Never heard it before. It came up the rotation on my Pandora channel. No idea why – the channel seeds are bands like Cutting Crew, Pet Shop Boys, and The Cure. Big shrug. Strange and manifold are the ways of Pandora. But I digress, as usual. Here is the tune, for your listening and dancing enjoyment:

Now, if you are as old as I am (and apparently that’s older than the very soil beneath my feet) the melody / bass line of this song may sound familiar to you, especially if you had ever been a fan of the boys in yellow rubber suits, from Akron, Devo:

Yeah, you hear it too? At first, I was sure that it was Devo’s Mongoloid that had come up on Pandora just now. Bit of a surprise.

Great band, and a powerful influence in the punk music scene. Did I ever tell you my Devo story? For those who haven’t heard it, here ’tis…

It was August 14, 1980, at Portland’s old Paramount Theatre. (I looked it up. There’s this thing called Google, ya see.) I had a seat on the main floor, about 6 rows behind the mixing console, on the left aisle. Waiting for the show to begin, two cute young girls approached the two young guys sitting right in front of me. The blonde, whose white jeans were probably applied by means of a paint roller, said “My friend and I can’t find seats. Can we sit on your laps?” Well, the two lads looked at each other, wondering if they were dreaming, looked again at the two ladies, and nodded their heads like characters in a Warner Brothers cartoon – “uh-huh! uh-huh! uh-huh!”

And then the show began. Well, both shows, really – Devo and the blonde. Up, down, squirming on the boys’ laps, dancing… I’m not sure what became of the guys and the blonde’s friend, who all disappeared at some point, but the girl in the white jeans was really enjoying herself. During one song, I was standing up, as often happens at rock concerts, and suddenly felt something against the front of my trousers. It was the top of the blonde’s head. I looked down, and there she was, sitting in the seat, looking up at me. I smiled and waved a little wave, and went back to watching the show.

A short while later, Missy McBlondehips found her way up onto the stage, and treated the audience to a sexy little dance, while Devo played Freedom of Choice. Mark Mothersbaugh waited until two security guards were in position, and exercised his Freedom of Choice, delicately tipping her wriggling butt off the stage, and into the arms of security, who hustled her past me, up the aisle, and out to her destiny. I only regret that I didn’t get her number.

So, there it is – my Devo story. Great concert, otherwise. An early multi-media show. There were at least two interludes, as I recall, when the band left the stage, and music videos for some of their songs were projected on screens. I understand that things can be quite a lot more sophisticated these days, but then – I’m an ancient, decrepit wreck who doesn’t attend concerts these days. I don’t “get” a lot of modern music, and I know I am beginning to sound like my dad.

Dad’s doing quite well, by the way. He had a kidney out in February 2010, and is now getting around better than he was a year ago. 87 years old, and still motoring along. I can only hope to reach 87.

And I hope to be posting a little more often. My friend is better, and much of the heavy lifting is done on the web sites. Though that usually means that more stuff is about to hit the fan any old time now. C’est la vie.

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