February Revisited – Thirty Years On

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Image Mt. HoodGreetings from the rain-saturated western flanks of the Washington Cascades!  Among the responses to my last post, there was some encouragement to write a sort of “update”, from the perspective of three decades down the road.  Let’s see what the old stream of consciousness has to share…

For one thing, I haven’t had too much time to write poetry in the ensuing years.  Perhaps that’s because my angst level is down.  That’s a good thing.  (grin)  I’ve certainly achieved a number of things since then.  Marriage, divorce, multiple job and career changes, about 8 used cars, and moved to my present home in Vancouver, Washington.

About my home here in Vancouver… among the things I see from my front porch every winter night is my constant friend, Orion.  Many things change, and some remain the same.  I’ve heard it said that the only constant in life is change, and my life is no exception.  I certainly didn’t envision my life as it is at this age, but overall – I’m pretty happy with it.  Sure, there could be improvements.  Most people would say that about heir lives.  Abe Lincoln opined that most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.

I guess you could say I’ve made my mind up to be happy.  I’ve got a fine view of the sky, and on a clear day, I can see Mt. Hood from my porch, too.  The neighborhood is fairly quiet and safe, and because I work from home, my commute is utterly stress-free.  I’ve got a wonderful best friend, a small circle of good friends, and a supportive family.  And we’ve got a dog who’s pretty sweet.

Anyone have anything to share about their last three decades, and where they find themselves now?  Especially as it may relate to how you might have pictured it in 1982… for me, it’s certainly different from how I had imagined it.

More soon.

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February – Thirty Years Later

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Whew! What a year 2011 was, and 2012 is starting out to be equally busy!

But I’ve decided to post more blog entries this year. The feedback from WordPress was very encouraging. The stats are good, and I am excited about making my blog more of a presence on the net.

I’ll get started with something I haven’t shared online before. This is a poem I wrote almost exactly thirty years ago this month. (I’ve almost run out of February, for Pete’s sake! Good thing I decided to get on the ball here.)

Without further ado, here is my poem, unchanged, as I wrote it when I was 25…


Tall hunter Orion stands
Stiff-legged in the grey night sky.
His sword gleams dully at his side.
I walk
In the cool, clear dusk
Between rows of friendly houses.

Wood smoke.
Smells of simple food being prepared
With care and love
Touch my face
As my footfalls quietly crunch
Rattling gravel.

The city-machine’s growling roar
Is muted
By calm somnolence of Sunday’s lateness.
Where tomorrow, soon, will be
Madly whirling exchanges
Of the business of life
Is now only the dimly neon-lit quietness,
Behind tight-locked dark glass doors
Adorned with colorfully sorry plastic signs
Encouraging me to return when
Light and life glitter within.

And now I go
To my own warmly familiar rooms
To sleep an uneasily lonely sleep.

And, rested once again,
My soul nourished by pastel-tinted dreams,
I rejoin my fellow souls, all loved –
Spirits in a gloriously imperfect material world.

(c) 1982, 2012 David Lockman, all rights reserved

Let me know what you think, below. Garbage or gold – go for it.

More soon. I’ve got some nifty little life-hacks to share, some other thoughts, and a blog post about how stories affect our lives. All in my mental queue. Looking forward to sharing with you all.

Image of Orion from http://xiaofury.blogspot.com/
(c) 2010 Natalie N. Johnson

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