Adam Freeland vs Black Eyed Peas

August 3, 2009 at 12:31 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Some things never end, like this series on musical borrowing. Actually, I was running out of ideas when this one came to my attention. First, a neat little dance number called Mancry by Adam Freeland…

I rather like it. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it, in the words of all the teenagers ever interviewed by Dick Clark on American Bandstand, back in the days of only 3 TV networks.

Seems as though the Black Eyed Peas may have sampled it without approval for their new tune, Party All The Time:

The music biz sure has changed since I used to listen to The Beatles on a little AM radio when I was a kid. Now people borrow and sample and remix. Club DJs are becoming celebrities in their own right, due to their mad skillz on the mixing console.

Here’s a nice comparison video someone put together:

I think Adam Freeland may have a case here.

And if any of you out there have some ideas for concluding this series, by all means, comment below. I’ll be getting back to some other pop culture topics very soon.

And rest in peace, Michael Jackson. The media hounds are tearing your corpse apart. Shame.

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