Got to know when to fold (or roll)

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Holy Zarquon’s Singing Fish. How the time has flown. More than a month since I posted an entry. Please forgive me. I’ll try and make this interesting, especially for the geek contingent.

My aunt & uncle sent me this video of a new concept prototype for a roll-up computer.  Yep.  It rolls up, like a towel, or a tatami mat.  Dig the coolness…

Too slick, huh?  And when it finally hits the market, it’ll probably be no more expensive than an Apple MacBook.  The most expensive bit is the flexible display technology, and that’s going to rapidly come down in price once they get the manufacturing online.  If I recall correctly from the video, it’s an organic LED display, which means the whole display can be built on plastic film rather than glass like current LCD & LED displays.

The rest of the design- all pretty standard stuff for laptops and cell phones these days.  Stunning, isn’t it?  Especially for those of us who grew up with 3 channels of TV to watch, in black & white, on a set that had to “warm up” for several seconds…

And perhaps the design that is shown in this video study may not reach market, but I’ll be looking for some other kinds of revolutions in portable computing.  First, there are now hand-held video projectors:

I really want one of those.  That is just cooler than a penguin’s instep.  And of course, flexible keyboards have been available for several years.  Here’s a demo.

But wait, there’s more, as the infomercial once said.  How about some new ideas for input devices that don’t even use keyboards!  With this new prototype, you won’t even need the bendy, floppy keyboard any more:

In another 30 years, who knows?  Direct brain interface?  Speech to text already exists, and in fact, your computer may already have it.  Spooky, huh?

Maybe I should think about using speech to text.  I have a lot of typing to do, every day.  I’m getting caught up on work, finally.  Both the computer and I have been sick lately.  I’ll try to get another blog entry posted very soon.

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Going To Rehab With A Ya Ya Twist

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Hey, kids. Dlock is back with what may be the final “ripped off music” blog entry for a while. Been a busy 10 days since the last post – sorry about that. Let’s get our teeth into today’s tunes.

Seems like everyone knows all about Amy Winehouse, her song Rehab, and her struggles with substance abuse. To refresh the memory, here is Amy singing Rehab:

Whatever else, Winehouse’s vocals on Rehab are smoky, sultry, and utterly amazing in the best ’60s Motown tradition. A truly talented singer, and hopefully her health will allow her to record more marvelous songs in the future.

But you know me. It sounds like something I’ve heard before. Memory is a double-edged sword, both curse and blessing in one. And while I may not have heard the following song for many, many, many years, perhaps it was lodged in a synapse all this time. But truth be told, I owe a tip of the hat to an anonymous poster on Yahoo Answers for this one.

Miss Petula Clark, from 1962, singing Ya Ya Twist. And I know I’ve heard some covers of this one.

So once again, old tunes are given new life. I’ve occasionally heard that, since there are only so many notes, and only so many ways in which to arrange them, that we are going to run out of fresh melodies, and may in fact have already done so. (Here is a link to a really in-depth article on the subject.) When you stop to think about how many little tunes are squandered as throw-away jingles for auto insurance or taco stands, in addition to all the melodies that are fully developed into songs in their own right, the mind fairly reels in shock. We’re wasting our musical resources to peddle ice cream and cell phones.

Ah, well. No one ever said we humans are smart about how we use our resources. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! I’m off to bed. Got a yard sale to do in the morning.

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Adam Freeland vs Black Eyed Peas

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Some things never end, like this series on musical borrowing. Actually, I was running out of ideas when this one came to my attention. First, a neat little dance number called Mancry by Adam Freeland…

I rather like it. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it, in the words of all the teenagers ever interviewed by Dick Clark on American Bandstand, back in the days of only 3 TV networks.

Seems as though the Black Eyed Peas may have sampled it without approval for their new tune, Party All The Time:

The music biz sure has changed since I used to listen to The Beatles on a little AM radio when I was a kid. Now people borrow and sample and remix. Club DJs are becoming celebrities in their own right, due to their mad skillz on the mixing console.

Here’s a nice comparison video someone put together:

I think Adam Freeland may have a case here.

And if any of you out there have some ideas for concluding this series, by all means, comment below. I’ll be getting back to some other pop culture topics very soon.

And rest in peace, Michael Jackson. The media hounds are tearing your corpse apart. Shame.

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McCain picks running mate, asks “What was that bang, and why does my foot hurt?”

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McCain = IdiotUnexpectedly good news from the political front today. Sen. John “Duffer” McCain chose freshman Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

What a wonderfully stupid move. He would have been better off choosing Michael Palin. At least then he could have sewn up the votes of all the Monty Python fans.

Ms. Palin, whose lack of political experience makes Barack Obama look like a rugged, callused, seasoned elder-statesman by comparison, has made an impression nonetheless with her wretched environmental record in Alaska, and apparent willingness and desire to drill for oil anywhere and everywhere, wolves and polar bears be damned (and shot, and drowned). Yeah, okay, she’s hot – for a Republican chick. I hear she’s a former Alaska beauty queen. Anyhow, she’s way hotter than Ann Coulter.

Do we really want or need Ms. Palin, who is apparently somewhere to the right politically of even George Bush, sitting in D.C. literally a heart-beat away from the presidency? Yikes. I’d say – big, huge, echoing “no”. Considering McCain’s age and health, this is not a world-class idea. Well, like even electing McCain in the first place is anything remotely like a good idea.

The reason that I believe this is good news, is that the choice of Ms. Palin as candidate for VP will sink the GOP in November like an elephant wearing a concrete overcoat, cast-iron top hat, and lead galoshes. We clearly do not need another 4 or 8 more years of failed Republican “leadership”, and this bonehead move by McCain will essentially hand the election to Obama.

Finally. The Republicans have well and thoroughly shot themselves in the foot, and now they’ll be standing around wondering where all the blood is coming from. I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again – idiot.

This is the kind of news that makes me smile. Hell, I’ve been giggling all day.

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