February Revisited – Thirty Years On

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Image Mt. HoodGreetings from the rain-saturated western flanks of the Washington Cascades!  Among the responses to my last post, there was some encouragement to write a sort of “update”, from the perspective of three decades down the road.  Let’s see what the old stream of consciousness has to share…

For one thing, I haven’t had too much time to write poetry in the ensuing years.  Perhaps that’s because my angst level is down.  That’s a good thing.  (grin)  I’ve certainly achieved a number of things since then.  Marriage, divorce, multiple job and career changes, about 8 used cars, and moved to my present home in Vancouver, Washington.

About my home here in Vancouver… among the things I see from my front porch every winter night is my constant friend, Orion.  Many things change, and some remain the same.  I’ve heard it said that the only constant in life is change, and my life is no exception.  I certainly didn’t envision my life as it is at this age, but overall – I’m pretty happy with it.  Sure, there could be improvements.  Most people would say that about heir lives.  Abe Lincoln opined that most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.

I guess you could say I’ve made my mind up to be happy.  I’ve got a fine view of the sky, and on a clear day, I can see Mt. Hood from my porch, too.  The neighborhood is fairly quiet and safe, and because I work from home, my commute is utterly stress-free.  I’ve got a wonderful best friend, a small circle of good friends, and a supportive family.  And we’ve got a dog who’s pretty sweet.

Anyone have anything to share about their last three decades, and where they find themselves now?  Especially as it may relate to how you might have pictured it in 1982… for me, it’s certainly different from how I had imagined it.

More soon.

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9/11 Recalled

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Wow. Eight years since the towers fell. And it’s been a rough eight years all around. (It’s been very tough on our men & women in uniform, and I’m sure it’s been even rougher on Afghanis and Iraqis, and not to diminish the suffering of the innocent in those lands, but that’s a subject for another time.)

I’ve decided to tell my 9/11 stories.

Let’s go back to 2001. The morning of September 10th – the day before. When I walked out the door to go to work that day, I literally (not just a figure of speech here) stopped in my tracks, right on my front walk and said – out loud – “Something is really wrong!”

I stood there for a moment or two, mind in a whirl, looking around and listening, but saw and heard nothing untoward.  I shook it off, and went to work, with a feeling of foreboding nevertheless. Next morning, a friend called and woke me up with the awful news.

Next, let’s go back to 1983, when I was visiting New York City. My co-worker and I visited the observation deck of the World Trade Center. As I was looking down at the construction site across from the base of the tower, I saw the beginnings of the secondary buildings that would later be damaged in the 9/11 attack. A wee small voice inside my head said, “Too bad it won’t last.” I thought, “What??” The reply – “That’s right, this won’t last. I chalked it up to my usual cheery fatalism and my acute awareness of  mortality and entropy.

When we got back to ground level, I stood for a few moments on the sidewalk and looked back up at the facade – that bright, modernistic metal cladding that we all saw jutting out of the smoldering ruins on 9/11, and once again that tiny voice popped up, saying “You’ll never see it like this again”. And I thought it meant I would never return to New York City.

The psychic energy of the 9/11 event was so powerful, I apparently felt it not only the day before, but 18 years before, as well. Yipes.

Ever since then, I’ve listened to that little voice.  It tried to warn me about my marriage (failed) but I didn’t heed it.  Other times, it’s helped keep me out of trouble.  Those little voices have a lot to say.

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What Happens To Your Brain When You’re In Love?

July 24, 2008 at 11:52 pm (Cool Tech, General, Mind & Body) (, , , , , , )

Brain = Rice Pudding. Any Questions?

Yeah, what the heck happens, anyhow? The rose-colored glasses drop down over our eyes, and we become stupid. We forgive the major character flaws of our beloved as just “endearing quirks”.

What’s up with that?

What’s wrong with my messed-up monkey brain?

My day job – ThoughtOfficeposted a blog this week that tries to answer those questions, and more. We posted a video featuring TEDTalks speaker Helen Fisher, as she tries to explain the chemistry of love.

Glad somebody’s still trying. I haven’t decided yet; whether to give up on figuring out the whole “love” thing, or keep trying. The idea of love – theoretically – still has a lot of attraction. That wonderful, mad feeling of caring so deeply about someone else, longing for her touch and aching to see her face, to hear her voice and slowly, gently kiss her lips… is still captivating. But as you probably know from bitter personal experience, dear reader, the reality can rapidly change from a blissful dream to a horrific nightmare. Disappointment, betrayal, or just plain boredom – all can be fatal to love.

It’s confusing stuff, this love business. Perhaps The Rutles summed it up best.

Enjoy the video. I’m off to bed. Alone. For tonight, at least.

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