What Happens To Your Brain When You’re In Love?

July 24, 2008 at 11:52 pm (Cool Tech, General, Mind & Body) (, , , , , , )

Brain = Rice Pudding. Any Questions?

Yeah, what the heck happens, anyhow? The rose-colored glasses drop down over our eyes, and we become stupid. We forgive the major character flaws of our beloved as just “endearing quirks”.

What’s up with that?

What’s wrong with my messed-up monkey brain?

My day job – ThoughtOfficeposted a blog this week that tries to answer those questions, and more. We posted a video featuring TEDTalks speaker Helen Fisher, as she tries to explain the chemistry of love.

Glad somebody’s still trying. I haven’t decided yet; whether to give up on figuring out the whole “love” thing, or keep trying. The idea of love – theoretically – still has a lot of attraction. That wonderful, mad feeling of caring so deeply about someone else, longing for her touch and aching to see her face, to hear her voice and slowly, gently kiss her lips… is still captivating. But as you probably know from bitter personal experience, dear reader, the reality can rapidly change from a blissful dream to a horrific nightmare. Disappointment, betrayal, or just plain boredom – all can be fatal to love.

It’s confusing stuff, this love business. Perhaps The Rutles summed it up best.

Enjoy the video. I’m off to bed. Alone. For tonight, at least.


  1. vix8 said,

    Don’t give up on the love thing yet. I read a book recently that gave me some fresh insight on the subject. It’s about a girl who breeds canaries and she learns a lot about love and life through her observations. Believe it or not, the canaries help her to understand the difference between infatuation and true love, which is something that everybody should think about. I found this book on a website called ErserandPond.com.

  2. Who You Gonna Rip Off? « We All In Trouble… | Dlock’s Pop Culture Reflux said,

    […] to “just say no to drugs“. Of course, the whole point was that the song was all about being in love, and that’s the “drug” in question. Good old reactionaries… gotta love […]

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