I’ve been slacking.

October 24, 2007 at 12:27 am (Cool Tech, Entertainment, Media) (, , , , , )

And watching the tube, and working a lot on ThoughtOffice. But today, I watched both NCIS and Torchwood, and was struck once again by how much Mark Harmon and John Barrowman look alike. Decide for yourself:

Mark Harmon and John Barrowman

If you haven’t seen either show, you’re missing something. Truly. Both are well written, well acted, and lots of fun.

If you don’t have BBC America, but you do have a digital cable box, it’s quite likely that you can see Torchwood in the “OnDemand” section. Same with NCIS, believe it or not.

Cool technology, that OnDemand thing. It’s like having a DVR that’s located at the cable company. (For all my geek readers, it’s all running on hardware from C-COR / nCube, an offspring of Intel in Beaverton, Oregon, just a few miles from where I lived, in the mid ’80s.)

For those of you who are not full-on geeks like me, it means you can watch hundreds of TV shows, movies, and special programs. Frinstance, right now OnDemand has not only NCIS & Torchwood, but season one of The Monkees, some episodes of I Dream of Jeannie (damn, Barbara Eden was HOT!), a few episodes of Top Gear (a British TV show about cars – very cool & very funny) and quite a number of recent Godzilla movies. Yes, as you might expect (and possibly hope), the Godzilla movies are wonderfully awful.

So, enjoy the new season, kids.

I like cable TV a lot better since I don’t work for a cable company anymore.


  1. Fred Bloggs said,

    hey i just googled ‘Mark Harmon John Barrowman’ and came across this, i done the search as iv been up late for a couple of days now and just happened to find myself watching ‘St Elsewhere’ where I saw Mark Harmon, i was sat there thinking surely John Barrowman isn’t old enough to have been in that, but still curiosity got the better of me and i just had to make sure, and if indeed i was right and this was John Barrowman perhaps on one of his time travelling adventures before his Torchwood role. I find the resemblance quite intriguing I’ll leave you with a picture of Mar Harmon in his St Elsewhere days.This is not quite the picture i was looking for i think they look a lot more alike whilst watching the show, different angle maybe!

    Kind Regards


  2. Lisa said,

    Hi, I noticed the resemblance too I also noticed that on google when I tped mark harmon there was a pic that looked like John Barrowman and when i typed john barrowman there was the same picture and they were on completly different sites but i notice that Mark Harmon has blue eyes John Barrowman’s eyes are green

  3. Hannah said,

    Does it help the fact that they’re both incredibly hot?
    And also the the comment above, John Barrowman’s eyes are definitely blue 🙂

  4. Stephanie said,

    I truly believe that John maybe related to Mark Harmon. There is too much resemblences to each other. Has anyone ever checked?

  5. lordhelpus said,

    Wow, that would be a nice project for anyone with a membership on Genealogy.com. Me – I’m a little too busy to get into it. Just like I’m too busy (lame) to update my blog. I have some material for new entries – just so darn busy with work, I don’t get around to it. Thanks for reading!

  6. Carlene Boulden. said,

    Hi, what is this all about?:
    “Cool technology, that OnDemand thing. It’s like having a DVR that’s located at the cable company. (For all my geek readers, it’s all running on hardware from C-COR / nCube, an offspring of Intel in Beaverton, Oregon, just a few miles from where I lived, in the mid ’80s.)”

  7. lordhelpus said,

    Hey, Carlene. OnDemand is a brand name of a programming service offered by my local cable TV company. They have a library of programs and movies at their facility, and if one has the proper kind of cable box (I don’t any longer) one can select a program from that library, and watch it immediately. It’s also possible to pause, rewind, fast forward, etc. Very much like a DVR (digital video recorder) such as TiVo. Nowadays, I am watching programs online. Networks here in the US such as CBS often will maketheir shows available online after they have been aired for the first time. There are also online services such as Hulu that offer quite a few shows to watch. Not sure if the video servers are still made by C-COR / nCube. Those servers are pretty much just fast computers, that host the videos, and send them out to subscribers when requested. Clear as mud, I’m sure. Please let me know if I can confuse matters further for you… 8^D

  8. Carlene Boulden. said,

    Thanks for your reply, yeah clear as mud lol! 8-D What do you mean by the bit below where you say : “An Offspring of Intel in Beaverton Oregon”??
    “Cool technology, that OnDemand thing. It’s like having a DVR that’s located at the cable company. (For all my geek readers, it’s all running on hardware from C-COR / nCube, an offspring of Intel in Beaverton, Oregon, just a few miles from where I lived, in the mid ’80s.)”

  9. lordhelpus said,

    Hey again, Carlene! I’ve got to applaud your persistence. To help explain, I will enlist the help of Wikipedia. Some history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NCUBE

    In brief, Video On Demand here is made possible by computer server hardware built by a “local” company. I used to live a few miles away from their Beaverton, OR offices.

    (To digress, that was when there were a lot more electronics manufacturing jobs in the Beaverton area. Just as Silicon Valley owes its roots to companies such as Hewlett-Packard, which got started in that area after WWII, there was a seminal company that spun off many elecctronics companies here in the Pacific Northwest. That company was Tektronix.) I no longer live in Beaverton. I moved across the Columbia River to Vancouver, Washington in 1991. Hard to believe it’s been that long.

    I guess the whole thing is down to this fact: I find it kind of interesting that the Video On Demand technology got its start in my back yard. Not sure if anyone else (including you, Carlene) actually finds it interesting, but hey… it’s just me babbling away on my little blog. Hope you enjoy some of the other entries!

  10. Carlene Boulden. said,

    Okay cheers! 8-D I do actually find it quite interesting!! And also I can’t get over how much Mark & John look alike lol. Actually – when I first saw NCIS I thought it was John Barrowman – and that he’d just been made to look older for the show! lol. 8-D

  11. lordhelpus said,

    Too cool, Carlene! I miss Torchwood, and I’m looking forward to the return of NCIS in a few weeks. May have to dig out my Torchwood DVDs and have a little marathon here. And writing about high-tech in Oregon, and my humble part in it, got me thinking about writing a blog post about Oregon’s high-tech history. Might be a bit of fun… Take care, Carlene!

  12. Carlene Boulden. said,

    Hi again lordhelpus,
    Thanks for your reply! 8-D
    … I LOVED Torchwood & did have the DVDs & watched them all (apart from the 4th series!) so not them all really lol. Yeah, 1, 2 & 3 I should say!… What was the 4th series like, any good??? Oh and did you ever watch 24? That was my fav, I’ve watched all of them lol!!! 🙂
    I lQQK forward to your response! 😎

  13. lordhelpus said,

    Nice to hear from you again, Carlene.

    I never got to see Torchwood series 4. But reviewing the synopsis on IMDB, I think I will want to see it for sure.

    As to 24, I never watched it. Like Lost, it was a big investment of time, and I have to be a little selective. Too much going on. That’s the primary reason there have been so few blog entries the last couple of years. There’s no shortage of ideas, only time in which to execute them.

    However, Torchwood always repaid my investment of time, with interest! Each episode would leave me just transfixed, and at the end I’d look up and see that nearly an hour had flown by, while I was completely drawn in to the story. Now, that’s my kind of story-telling!

    Have a fine weekend, Carlene!

  14. admiral said,

    I’ve always said Barrowman resembles Tom Cruise.
    And Tom Cruise resembles Mark Harmon.

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