I’ve been slacking.

October 24, 2007 at 12:27 am (Cool Tech, Entertainment, Media) (, , , , , )

And watching the tube, and working a lot on ThoughtOffice. But today, I watched both NCIS and Torchwood, and was struck once again by how much Mark Harmon and John Barrowman look alike. Decide for yourself:

Mark Harmon and John Barrowman

If you haven’t seen either show, you’re missing something. Truly. Both are well written, well acted, and lots of fun.

If you don’t have BBC America, but you do have a digital cable box, it’s quite likely that you can see Torchwood in the “OnDemand” section. Same with NCIS, believe it or not.

Cool technology, that OnDemand thing. It’s like having a DVR that’s located at the cable company. (For all my geek readers, it’s all running on hardware from C-COR / nCube, an offspring of Intel in Beaverton, Oregon, just a few miles from where I lived, in the mid ’80s.)

For those of you who are not full-on geeks like me, it means you can watch hundreds of TV shows, movies, and special programs. Frinstance, right now OnDemand has not only NCIS & Torchwood, but season one of The Monkees, some episodes of I Dream of Jeannie (damn, Barbara Eden was HOT!), a few episodes of Top Gear (a British TV show about cars – very cool & very funny) and quite a number of recent Godzilla movies. Yes, as you might expect (and possibly hope), the Godzilla movies are wonderfully awful.

So, enjoy the new season, kids.

I like cable TV a lot better since I don’t work for a cable company anymore.

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