More Unintended Humor

August 27, 2007 at 1:21 am (Damn funny, Internet tech, Media)

I love these things. Yes, I am a sick, sad puppy. Little gems of coincidental silliness pop up all the time on iGoogle. But not often enough for my warped tastes. Let us begin…

The Hound of Hell buys a car maker

The Hound of Hell has bought Chrysler? Hmm. That explains sooo much.

Dreams can come true.  Or not.

Yeah. Right. In your dreams.

Look out for snakes!

How about this… stay the hell home and bake some bread! What are you doing, going out where there are rattlesnakes, anyway? Is there something wrong with your wee brain?

Useful skills

Good skill set, especially if you happen to be another guy. (By the way, girls – or gay guys – here’s a tip. Men don’t get hints. Just plant one on him. And let the clothes fall where they may.)

Book ‘em, Dano.

Yeah, don’t just smile and wave, and let that jerk get away with leaving his dog’s crap on your lawn any more. Book ’em, Dano.

Again, in your dreams.

Again, in your dreams. Better learn to speak Indian. Press 1 to wake up screaming…

And finally…

Ahh… brilliant writing by the local media.

What the hell kind of movie are they filming? This isn’t Van Nuys!

Oh, damn. I’m all out of funnies. If you haven’t read my earlier post on unintentional humor, check it out here.

Later, all!

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