Unintentional humor is always the best.

May 9, 2007 at 11:17 pm (Damn funny, General, Internet tech, Media)

New technology, like the Internet, has unintended consequences. Accidental juxtapositions of two or more elements is increasing. This is what I saw on my iGoogle custom home page today:

Time Management for Strippers

Yes, you too can go to law school during the day, and shake your cakes at night to cover your tuition. Damn, I love America.

UPDATE – 5:45 AM PDT May 10th

No sooner than I write the post you see above, iGoogle and WikiHow do it again!

Do I make you horny, baby?

Do you think someone’s doing it deliberately? If so, I commend you, sir or madam. A tip of my chapeau in your direction. You rawk.

UPDATE – 12:35 AM PDT June 4th

Seems like everyone’s getting into the act. This time, it’s Google Ads:

Misplaced cracker?

Seriously, who needs this? I can’t think of anyone other than a parrot.

UPDATE: July 15, 2007

I’ve been waiting what seems like forever to see another really good “How To” juxtaposition to come along, and at last, my geeky devotion has been rewarded…

Mmm, yum!  Possum epanadas!

Hey, mom! These empanadas are great! Can I have some more?

UPDATE: August 3, 2007

I really do love WikiHow. Though some of the “projects” are kind of feeble, there’s still some good stuff to be seen, and some jollies to be had:


Another lame WikiHow project

Perhaps the best thing to learn to communicate would be “Stay the hell away from my office supplies, Wally“.


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