Senator McCain, you are an idiot.

February 4, 2007 at 11:55 am (Die Rat Bastard, Politics)

McCain = IdiotArizonans have something new to be embarrassed about today. Their senator, John McCain, (R-Ariz.) shared his poorly considered thoughts today about the Congressional non-binding resolution against the escalation in Iraq. He claims that “this is a vote of no confidence in both the mission and the troops who are going over there”, because it apparently doesn’t go far enough.

The Arizona senator apparently feels that anyone in Congress who opposes the troop buildup should be willing to “take the action necessary to prevent it”, such as cutting off the money for the troops. Oh, yeah, great idea. Republicans would have a field day with that one. In 2008, they could point fingers at the people who cut funding, and blame them for the failure in Iraq. Instead, let’s place the blame where it really lies, smack in the lap of our Commander in Chief.

With that in mind, I sent an e-mail to the senator. The text of that message is reproduced below.

Senator, you don’t get it. What you call a “vote of no confidence in both the mission and the troops who are going over there” is nothing of the kind.

Bush = SatanIt is a “vote of no confidence” in the commander in chief, whose mind-meltingly stupid idea it was to send our troops over to Iraq in the first place, on specious grounds. He lied to the American public about WMD, about ties to Al Quaeda, and about the danger posed by Iraq to the United States.

It’s time to end our forced occupation of Iraq, and quit killing Americans and Iraqis over rights to 10% of the world’s crude oil supplies.

Enough with the grandstanding, political posturing, and unthinking support for a chief executive who is clearly out of control. It’s time to rein in George W. Bush, using any means necessary and available under the Constitution of the United States of America. Remember that document? The system of checks and balances it incorporates? Let’s get busy and use them! Quit kissing George Bush’s rosy little bottom, and bring some sanity to Washington DC, or else 2008 will make the 2006 elections look like a tea party.

I don't have to listen, I'm John McCain!I hope I made the point, but the reality is that our so-called leaders in Washington D.C. don’t seem to be overly concerned with what We The People think or want. They just go ahead and do whatever they want. I also hope they wise the hell up, before a whole lot more people have to be killed or maimed for the sake of oil.

You can voice your feelings to Senator McCain, too. Click here to go to his e-mail contact web page. Give ‘im hell. He’s got to be used to it by now.


  1. californiadan said,

    Amen! Here is a letter I recently sent to McCain

    I am not sure if I follow his campaign strategy…

  2. lordhelpus said,

    Hey, I forgot about this until watching Frontline tonight. This is not the first time the government lied, lied, lied to get the USA into a war. Remember the Pentagon Papers? Deja vu, all over again. Check out the News War page at Frontline’s web site.

  3. McCain picks running mate, asks “What was that bang, and why does my foot hurt?” « We All In Trouble… | Dlock’s Pop Culture Reflux said,

    […] Finally.  The Republicans have well and thoroughly shot themselves in the foot, and now they’ll be standing around wondering where all the blood is coming from.  I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again – idiot. […]

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